Cool Apple Watch Face Options

Cool Apple Watch Face Options

July 16, 2019

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What Types of Apple Watch Faces Should I Choose?

  • The Activist
  • The Explorer
  • The Creative
  • The World Is Your Oyster


    Apple products cater to a wide variety of users - from medical professionals and CEOs to teachers, college students, athletes, and everyone in between. It only makes sense that Apple would have a variety of stylistic options for their Apple Watches. It shows up in the array of colors their bands come in, and it shows up in the way you can customize your Apple Watch face options. 

    However, when you're choosing from thousands of looks, initially finding an apple watch face best suited for you can be overwhelming. 

    As a result, we took at least some of the hard work out for you. Below, we have listed different types of marvelous apple watch face options available to you. Once you've looked through the fabulous selection of faces, make sure you keep your apple watch face new and scratch-free with our Rhino Glass screen protectors.

    What Types of Apple Watch Faces Should I Choose? 

    There are tons of options - typically, we recommend choosing one that best fits your lifestyle. Many individuals may have different reasons for owning an apple watch - some may use it for leisure; others may feel the need it daily to manage their duties and activities. Below is a breakdown of the types of watch interfaces you may be interested in, based on your lifestyle and needs.

    The Activist

    If you have an active lifestyle, you may want apple watch face options that provide you with necessary information such as heart rate, location, steps taken, text or calls, and other vital information. On a side note, if you need a fathers day gift, then check this out.

    Watch faces that meet these types of needs include, but are not limited to:

    • Activity Digital Face: this face, designed in a colorful, artistic, yet still simplistic manner, provides you with consistent updates on your fitness and workout metrics. Those who need workout data will find this useful in tracking their progress.
    • Utility Face: This face is a simple one that the apple watch offers. It provides you with time and health data. Furthermore, it can provide your choice of information - for instance, notifications for texts, calls, and emails. This combination of information is excellent for people on the go.
    • Modular Face: This face provides the most information on the watch face possible. It is relatively customizable, making it easy for individuals who need to be able to see at a glance data on their screen on short notice.
    • Infograph Face: Finally, this face provides a lot of information while still maintaining the traditional watch face design, making it an excellent choice for those who want their information readily but also want the conventional Apple Watch face.

    The Explorer

    Some people don't care about the initial functionality of the Apple watch. Some want the custom options - the ability to see beautiful images from around the world - or even around the universe.

    Options for watch faces like this include:

    • Astronomy Face (Earth): This face, while relatively simplistic, provides the user with the time and a view of the planet earth, making it a gorgeous and simplistic watch face.
    • Time-Lapse Face: This face is more interesting. It runs a series of photos across your watch over time. The only downside to this watch face is that it's known for running down your battery life.
    • Solar Face: this face provides you with a simplistic, beautiful view of the sun - while you, unfortunately, you can't customize this face, it provides you with information on when the sun rose and when the sun will set.
    • Astronomy Face (Moon): This watch face is very similar to the Earth watch face, giving you a simple image of the moon, much like the image provided of the earth on the earth watch face. 

    The Creative

    The last section of some of our favorite watch faces involve the more creative options - those that are made to be more aesthetically pleasing.

    If you enjoy art and other creative endeavors, you may find that you'll want to give your apple watch face a new personality with one of these faces:

    • Kaleidoscope: This watch face is exactly what it sounds like - providing a beautiful, colorful effect on your smartwatch as though looking through the fun children's toy. If you enjoy the myriad of colors that this watch face provides, this may be your best option.
    • Motion: this watch face allows you to work with the touch features, allowing the image to move based on your touch. There are several different beautiful images to choose from, such as flowers and butterflies, depending on your preferences.
    • Fire, Vapor, and Liquid Metal: This watch face provides a science-inspired view, filling your screen with smoke and vapor. Similar to the other motion options, it provides you with an interactive and creative experience that this Apple Watch face gives you.

    The World Is Your Oyster

    Ultimately, there are a thousand different options to choose from when you search for a new apple watch face. However, these are some of our favorites (and most popular).

    They provide a variety of styles and images for those who have different needs and desires. And, remember - you can always change your watch face, based on your mood.

    With that being said, if you first need a business-inspired watch face, and then go on a week-long vacation from your job, you can choose a new watch face for the week that fits your current mood. 

    Ultimately, the choice is yours.