Guy sit in the passenger side of a car, with his hand on his leg. On his wrist is an Apple Watch.

Fall Fashion & Function: Rhino Brand Styles for Your Apple Watch

November 26, 2018

The Apple watch has become a fashion icon in the 21st century. For athletes and those in public service and many more, the newest fashion trends tend to offer more in the way of aesthetics than functionality. 

Regardless of your chosen apple watch style, and especially for those with tough and demanding occupations such as firemen, police officers, military personnel,  athletes, and others, the convenience of the features found in their Apple watch is moot when in the face of rough conditions. 

To protect their device, many have sacrificed style and fashion, covering the watch with unseemly protective gear. As each new product typically presents a new set of issues as well, soon after will generally come many innovative solutions.

Such is the case with the need to protect the fragility of and how to style an Apple watch using one product which provides both features of style and functionality.

Answering the call are many designers and fashion gurus, who have brought to the modern market such products as the glitter and glam styles from Nordstrom's Kate Spade band and, of course, the ultra-durable Rhino Runner band- a veritable suit of power armor for your Apple watch.

There are many materials, colors, and styles to consider when choosing your Apple watch fashion band. Below are a few of the most popular options generally available through many sellers.


  • Leather: By far one of the most popular choices, leather bands can be found in different thicknesses, styles, colors, and lengths. The leather band is a standard of class and durability. Many enjoy it's down to earth look and the flexibility and comfort it offers to the Apple watch wearer. Leather bands are also, typically, easier to customize, should the urge arise.
  • Metal: Metal bands are another favored style for Apple watches. Their tough, sleek look comes in a multitude of designs. The hardness of this material means less comfort than with a leather band, but some may find the drawback a nonissue.
  • Silicon: Silicon bands tend to be more affordable, though they severely lack the durability of metal and leather bands. Still, perks with a silicon band are found in the increased variety of colors and styles available with this material.
  • Nylon: Most likely one of the more familiar materials to watch wearers in general, nylon has remained a favorite for watch bands. The traditional look, fit, and feel of a nylon watch band greatly contributes to its sustained popularity over the years. Also affording many style and customization options, nylon and silicon are often the top contenders in the less durable, yet more affordable and diverse material options for general watch wearers. Apple watch wearers will most likely find more use from a more reliable material.


The available color and style options for the Apple watch wearers' band will vary depending on the brand and material they have chosen. With as many fashion options as there are people to craft them, choosing the right one to fit your style and needs can quickly become an overwhelming process.

Especially for those concerned with their Apple watch being exposed to extreme or tough environments, choosing the right band is essential in prolonging the life of the device.

When deliberating on the right protective band for your Apple watch, there are a few inherent points one should consider before moving forward with any purchase.

  1. What will your watch be exposed to? Understanding the potential dangers to your watches' functionality from the environmental factors surrounding your everyday life should be one of the first considerations taken into account when searching for a band. If the watch will be exposed to extreme weather or rugged conditions, it is vital to keep that information in mind and locate a band which will deliver on its promise to protect against such factors as those.
  2. What are your (or the wearer's, if not yourself) comfort needs? If, for example, one has a desk job, they may be able to tolerate a less comfortable material, as the time allotted to them to contend with such issues would be far greater than one who is fighting wildfires for a living. Both jobs are commendable, of course, yet a more demanding job, in and of itself, requires affording less attention to minute details such as your watches' level of comfortability.
  3. The balancing of style and protective qualities is the key to finding the perfect band for your tastes and needs. If one must sacrifice in one aspect or the other, is it wiser to sacrifice on style, lest your vanity leads to an expensive disaster due to the poor protective qualities of the band. 

Innovative Technology

With the advent of so many new electronic products, devices, and applications, it can be easy to get sidetracked by the 'next big thing'.  When the Apple watch was first introduced to the public it made substantial waves in and outside of its specific marketed audience.

Because progress is inevitable, more versions have been released since the Apple watch was first seen. As is the case with many products and devices in today's world of fast-paced development and release, keeping up with the latest trends may also mean purchasing the corresponding side items to go along with the upgrade. 

Thankfully, many companies have begun to get ahead of this issue, developing multi-functional products to work with all, or at least most, version of a device. Apple watch bands are no different in this aspect.

A few companies have seen the need for more advanced designs for Apple watch bands. Leading the way to a more productive and efficient development process, along with providing a much-needed and high-quality crafted product, companies like Rhino Brand have integrated technologically enhanced protections along with gratifying style options into their sturdy "mini-fortress" Apple watch bands.

It is not necessary to undergo massive amounts of stressful research and comparison shopping when searching for an Apple watch band to fit ones rough and tough lifestyle.

Few companies actually cater specifically to those in intense occupations and leading active lives, so, when you've found a durable, stylish, and innovative product, take action while you can!

Fall Fashion Choices:

Rhino Brand offers a variety of options for the fall fashion season without sacrificing its inherent durability and functionality.

The popular Rhino Brand Runner has five color customization options- black, green, salmon, tan, and red- and is crafted using an advanced polyurethane blend, along with an attached stainless steel buckle for extra security.

Also sporting a shockproof vest and a scratch-proof protective screen, it comes as no surprise to learn the band was named after an armored military bus.

A testament to this band's incredible innovative designs, three layers of shock protection and its skin safe and tear resistant features make this potentially the most effective, efficient, and stylish Apple watch band on the market today. While other brands may tout similar options, the quality and durability of the Rhino Brand Runner simply cannot be denied.

Designed by an experienced engineer and highly regarded and respected in the Apple watch band industry at large, the owner of such a band will note the underlying ingenuity and appreciate the flexibility its protective qualities provide.

Aside from being stylish and adaptable to personal tastes in a multitude of ways, the durability of this protective band is not to be understated.