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The Perfect Father's Day Gifts for Active Fathers

May 30, 2018

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and for some, a new pair of socks or coffee mug just will not cut it. For all those who are looking for something a bit more useful for the active dad, look no further.

Apple Watch Band Father's Day Gifts


Gear Protectants

Apple watches are some of the hottest items on the market for dads on the go as well as the perfect accessories and gifts for a dad who wants nothing.

The Apple Watch band from Rhino Brand keeps any active individual’s watch safe and protected through even the toughest activities.

Runners, hikers, cyclists and more can have peace of mind that their watch is protected. With its shock absorbing material and rugged design, any dad’s watch will stay safe and secured no matter what the circumstances, making them the perfect gifts for dad from daughter.

Running Gear

Along with the Apple Watch band, great gifts for the active dad include some new gear. Grab a new pair of running shoes, high-quality runner’s sunglasses, backpack, or new active gear.

Dads will appreciate that their children not only got something useful but got something involved in what interests them the most.

Hydration Items

Some of the best gifts a child can purchase for a dad who is always on the run is hydration gear. Any highly active individual will agree that a new high-quality water bottle goes a long way. Kids can also consider hydration backpacks, water bottle carriers or purifier inserts.

Entertainment Accessories

Even individuals who enjoy being highly active can get bored sometimes, which is why forms of runner’s entertainment may be the perfect gifts for dad from daughter.

Things like cordless headphones to go along with an Apple Watch, or a gift card to purchase music or new apps can be excellent gifts for dad who wants nothing.

Energy Supplements

No active dad can ever have too much of their favorite energy snacks or drinks. Kids can create a gift box filled with their dad’s favorite energy bars, power drinks, powdered drink mixes, snack mixes or bottled water.

To give it a more personal touch, for those who are good in the kitchen, homemade energy snacks are a great option as well.

Action Opportunities

Another great option for gifts for the active dad are opportunities to be active even further. Children can purchase their father admission into a race, marathon, cycling opportunity, mountain climbing venture or kayaking trip.

Along with their new watch band to keep their Apple Watch protected, any excursion is possible. Even better, kids can participate in the activity with their father to not only get them a gift and an experience but time to bond with their children as well.

Odor Refreshers

Even if they do not want to admit it, every active dad gets a little smelly. Most dads also have their go-to brand. A great gift box idea for children is a mix of their dad’s favorite cologne, deodorant, soaps or body sprays.

Hair gels or pomades can also be added as well as sweat bands or towels. Kids can make it humorous with the theme of a stinky dad. Their dad will appreciate the joke as well as the new supply of refreshing scents.

Go Big

If a dad has just really made this a year to remember, kids can show them by going big with their Father’s Day gift. If an active dad does not already own an Apple Watch, what better way than to invest in that spirit and purchase them the one item that can assist them with all their active needs?

Apple watches can play music through an iPhone or through Bluetooth, track heartrates, keep track of fitness records and so much more. It is the perfect accessory for that rugged dad on the go.

To keep their new watch safe, be sure to pair their new Apple Watch with a watch band from Rhino Brand, which is compatible with Apple Watch Series one, two and three.

Father’s Day is the day for children to show that they care and there is no better way than to show that active dad support for their efforts.