Social Influencer Program

Thank you for your interest in Rhino Brand. We look forward to learning more about your journey as an influencer and how we can possibly work together. Before reaching out to us, please read our policy below, and learn more about how the program works.

Social Influencer Policy: 

  1. Must have 10,000+ followers or subscribers, or at least 250 unique daily visits to your blog. 
  2. When posting on social, you must tag our official social handle, channel, or homepage link. 
  3. We reserve the right to utilize your images for commercial use. 

How It Works: 

  1. Influencer emails us at info@rhinoband.com and includes social profiles or blog URL, contact info (email and phone), and a short description of their platform. 
  2. A Rhino Band team member will review your profile, channel, or blog and respond within 48 hours to discuss further terms and compensation. 
  3. Once agreed by both parties, Rhino Brand product(s) will be shipped to influencer's address. 
  4. Influencer will take pictures, post to social platform, then reach out to Rhino Band to inform us the post is live. 

Ready to join our team? Send us an email at info@rhinobrand.com