Person ready to journey with an Apple Travel Watch

Apple Watch Apps and Bands That Make It A Great Travel Watch

April 16, 2021

Table of Contents

Apps That’ll Help You Prepare

  • Hotel and Travel Arrangement
  • Packing
  • Weather
  • Money Management
  • Apps for When You Are There

  • Getting Around
  • Fitness
  • Nightlife
  • Outdoor Life
  • Apps for Coming Home

  • Consolidation

    Apple is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It is a part of a lifestyle that promotes life, exploration, and leisure. The Apple Watch can help with everything from fitness to cooking, so why not implement it into the journey? Among the tools for navigation, making arrangements, and monitoring your health, the right apps and bands will turn your Apple Watch into the perfect travel watch!

    Apps That’ll Help You Prepare

    The journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but you’ve still got to get ready for that step. If you just rush towards a destination for an event, you may find yourself without a place to stay for several miles. Many desirable places to eat, visit, or stay require reservations, including places to rent a vehicle (should you book a last-minute flight). Strap on your travel Apple watch with one of our bands and let’s begin!

    Hotel and Travel Arrangement

    Expedia offers an app that features a combination of services that are excellent for travel. In addition to hotel check in and out notifications, it provides instant notifications for airline issues such as gate changes and departure delays. 

    TripIt is a travel planner that can organize your entire itinerary for you. Forward each reservation to an email address, and TripIt will sync the information into a single place for your convenient retrieval. Additionally, it can be made shareable so that others in your party can retrieve the information, which can be invaluable for people in a party traveling to a destination from different starting points. 


    PackPoint Travel Packing List helps ensure you have everything that you need on the trip. This app contains a database that allows for listing all desired items on a checklist, listing ideas for activities to do, and can even account for if the travel is for business or fun. It even has a feature to help advise on how to pack for the weather. Speaking of...


    Weather Live has a design that is excellent for the layout of the travel Apple Watch. This app is customizable to show details based on personal interests, such as chance of rain or time of sunset. If you’re going to be in another region for several days, it’s good to know their extended forecast.

    Yahoo Weather offers a free app that provides succinct weather information to a simple view - including the temperature, feels-like temperature, and wind speed. A great option for something quick, simple, and free.

    Money Management

    TravelSpend helps maintain a budget while on vacation. Not only monitors spending, but can help stick to a budget that you set. Additionally, it can monitor shared expenses to help keep track of who might owe who after a couple of group dinners and lost receipts. For out-of-country travel, TravelSpend even offers currency conversion right from your travel watch. 

    Apps for When You Are There

    So, you’ve booked the logistics, checked the forecast, and made it to the destination. Now, the fun begins! Long-gone are the days of lugging a ton of brochures that were your only source of information about a location. Now, it’s time to just look at your travel Apple watch and let it help you get the most out of an area. 

    Getting Around

    Citymapper offers the traditional roadmap features of the most common free navigation apps. This includes typical directional navigation, as well as suggested routes for traffic and expected transit times. This app goes a bit further to include local mass transit routes and can go as far as notifying you if you’re arriving at the right bus stop for your destination. 

    TripAdvisor offers an app that goes into details of the local area. It can recommend venues based on pre-selected interests, as well as recommend restaurants that are highest rated for the time of day you are eating (i.e. it will recommend different restaurants at lunch versus dinner based on ratings and interests). 


    Nike Training Club helps make sure that your health doesn’t take a vacation just because you did. In fact, cutting loose and taking in the extra vacation calories and carbs makes sticking to your exercise routine even more important. NTC offers low, medium, and high intensity workouts that can range from boxing to yoga. Programs are designed to be flexible, which is perfect when exercising on-the-go.


    Moonshine App: Nightlife Guide monitors the local events of the moment to provide you info on where all of the best bookings, clubs, and deals are. They have partnered with many venues to offer a complimentary cocktail of the day. Moonshine App even lets you know when venues feature happy hours, ladies nights, or other special occasions.

    Yelp has compacted its features into a mobile app so that you can find out what others say about places you’re considering visiting. You can search for niche bars or restaurants, track down a club based on music preference, or even book a spa visit for recovering the next day right from your travel watch. 

    Outdoor Life

    AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run allows you to get away from the city and explore things that Yelp reviewers might otherwise neglect. AllTrails features topographic maps of the most popular hiking trails and mountain biking routes. Users can share their favorite routes, suggest scenic paths, even advise if caution should be taken ahead. It even allows for you to automatically export your adventure details directly to the Apple Health App.

    Apps for Coming Home

    All good things must come to an end. Now, to get all of those pesky chores of coming home tackled before work. Apple has you covered. While from the comfort of the plane ride home, you can begin the “return to real life” process with your watch.


    Because you’re at the end of the trip and exhausted, we’ll just use this one catch-all app - Evernote. This database software allows to keep track of articles found online, hand write notes for quick keeping, and to use the camera to capture and scan a variety of documents. A terrific use of the scan feature is uploading all of those receipts from the vacation - which you can now throw away, making for a more paperless vacation. All entries that you upload on your watch can easily be retrieved on your computer, and vice versa. 

    Don’t let the admin of vacation keep you from enjoying it. Also, don’t let concern for your Apple Watch keep you from living your vacation. Keep your watch protected with our protective shields and durable bands from Rhino Brand.