13 Of The Most Inspiring Tech Bloggers

13 Of The Most Inspiring Tech Bloggers

April 13, 2020

Which blogs or tech bloggers are most known for their insight into Apple Watches and the Apple watch band? There are plenty, but only a few that target the health benefits of owning an Apple Watch. The thirteen tech blogs below provide useful information to current or future owners of the popular watch. With a little bit of research, you can answer the most frequently asked questions about an Apple purchase.


13. iGeeksBlog


It's impossible to mention Apple blogs without looking at iGeeksBlog. They are similar to How-To Geek but are known more for their intermediate to professional level. Their blogs provide really good insight into the features of the Apple Watch. The post count per day is on the low side, but their backlog of content is irreplaceable.


12. Engadget on Apple


Engadget is another large website that gives Apple its subcategory. Over time, the information for the Apple category became more focused. When the Apple Watch and Apple Watch band was introduced, Engadget once again became a great source of information for Apple products. Their posts aren't frequent, but what's there is important to skim through weekly.


11. How-To Geek – Apple


There is no denying the complexity of Apple products. They are one of a kind, but can often be a pain to troubleshoot without help from a genius. The Apple Watch and its associated products introduce another technical challenge, with users still figuring out the quirks. The Apple section of How-To Geek is a necessary addition to any bookmark related to Apple and health products. You'll find a lot of useful tips, guides and information all in one place.


10. The Guardian – Apple


The technology category of The Guardian has a subcategory for Apple that is surprisingly robust. It is broken down by month and year, highlighting a lot of the biggest innovations in Apple and its health products. Although it is a smaller subcategory of a much larger site, the Apple portion receives a lot of traffic from visitors and commenters. The Guardian is often referenced multiple times in the Apple subreddit, so it is a valid source of up to date information.


9. Nytimes - Apple Incorporated


The New York Times is still one of the best places to go on the internet for news. Their Apple Incorporated category brings hard-hitting facts and news to a single page. Unlike other blogs, the search engine does a better job of spidering content relevant to Apple keywords. This makes it the best search engine outside of Google to find Apple-related health news. You won't get a strong sense of community with this blog, but you'll get information from some of the most respected journalists in the world.


8. Apple on Reddit


The Apple subreddit is always busy and functions as a 'blog type' by linking to actual blogs. This is an interesting pick if you want to see things from the consumer point of view. Sometimes the comments on the linked blog offer more useful information. And occasionally an Apple developer slips in and offers commentary about a product or software related to the company. For a mixture of different Apple health blogs, the Apple subreddit is the best choice.


7. Apple Developer News & Updates


This leans more on the professional and developer side than the consumer but it is still worth the look. More importantly, their App Store coverage will keep you up to date on big changes. The flood of health software in the App Store can be confusing, even for intermediate users. Instead of praising the most known health apps, Apple Developer News & Updates dives deep into what makes it great. It's home to the best tech bloggers that know the ins and outs of the company.


6. TechCrunch


As a whole, the TechCrunch website provides a lot of coverage for the entire technology industry. The Apple portion of their blog is similar, with a focus on researched information ahead of cutting-edge rumors. TechCrunch has the lowest post per day out of all the listed sites but worth the visit. Every now and then you'll find something getting covered that isn't available on another Apple-focused blog.


5. Macworld


Macworld is one of the biggest secrets in the world for readers that want Apple Watch news. The post count per day is low, but the content is rich, engaging and well researched. Macworld does a good job of making content count with its one of a kind buying guides. The blog has shown a lot of promise by posting multiple health-focused titles to help with people stuck at home.


4. iMore


The top site for Apple news is iMore, and it has been that way for a long time. Their post count per day is intimidating and is considered a strength and a weakness of the site. Tons of information flows in per day from iMore, all focused on hardware and software news and rumors. Try not to blink, since any post can get swallowed up by new news within the hour.


3. Mac Rumors


You can count on Mac Rumors (a news and rumor site) to have the best tech bloggers. These seem to be plentiful, but there is a difference with this particular site. Mac Rumors has an incredibly high post count per day, with active social media engagement across the board. They bring the best of professional and consumer news, backed by a large and active community. When you have specific questions about Apple health products, Mac Rumors will get you the quickest reply.


2. AppleInsider


Rumors are often the spark that leads to the best innovations in Apple products. Although some of the most explosive news fizzle out, there is no denying the excitement of AppleInsider. Since 1997, the blog has been covering a lot of Apple-related news. Their reviews are one of a kind and have helped millions find the perfect companion for health-related tasks. Posting updates are on par with some of the busier sites available on the list.


1. 9to5Mac


This California based company covers a lot of the important events from Apple. It is a daily news site for Apple and has a high amount of quality posts. 9to5Mac is also known as one of the few Apple based websites to have a dedicated tab for Apple Watch with specific subcategories. That means users on the old generation Apple Watch Series 3 will still get up to date information about their model.


Wrap Up


Apple does a good job of providing consumers with a ton of hardware and software options geared towards personal health. Even the professional options have managed to turn heads in the industry by continuing to get better. Use any of the thirteen blogs mentioned to get a better idea of the features you value the most.





www.macworld.com (WatchOS 7 Wishlist)

www.macworld.com (Set Up Your New Apple Watch)


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