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 How Apple Watch Fits Into the Latest Tech Trends

March 24, 2020


There are a few tech trends that have changed how people live their lives. The first was the computer and the introduction of the Internet. Then came smartphones and tablets. Now comes the emergence of the Apple Watch. Many consider an Apple Watch to be like having a smartphone on your wrist. It's easily accessible and comes loaded with features. How does it fit into the latest trends in the world? This article will examine how the Apple Watch stacks up.

Table of Contents 

  1. The Smartwatch Trend
  2. The Growing Tech World
  3. Synchronized Technology
  4. Fashion Tech Trends
    1. Fashion Technology
    2. Accessorizing your Technology

The Smartwatch Trend

First and foremost, Apple Watch is one of the leading products in the smartwatch sector. While everyone loves using their phone for almost anything, there came a need for even simpler technology to use.

Perhaps influenced by a few science fiction TV shows, developers started to work on the smartwatch. While the initial models were limited in the features that they could provide, the foundation had been sent.

Apple saw an opportunity and began to develop its own version of a smartwatch. Besides doing everything that you would expect a clock to do, they also loaded it with features that few can live without today.

If anything, Apple set the trend that other smartwatches are struggling to match. With its introduction of a heart rate monitor and several fitness programs, the Apple Watch became synonymous with fitness and fitness tracking.

When it comes to the future of smartwatches, many companies will likely look towards Apple to see what will be coming next.

The Growing Tech World

Technology continues to innovate. Researchers and developers are showcasing some of the products and services that they have to offer in the 2020 season. Everything from quantum computing to robotics is taking huge strides forward.

Thanks to quantum computing, there are new tech feats that can be accomplished that people haven't even dreamed of yet. There's no doubt that this fast computing capability will affect the smartwatch industry as well.

In many ways, the Apple Watch has been part of the reason behind the growth of the tech world. It introduced new features that had been previously unused in rival smartwatches. Now those competitors are striving to offer something similar to their customers. As the Apple Watch continues to innovate and grow, you can be sure the rest of the sector will as well.

Synchronized Technology

Perhaps one of the best features of the Apple Watch is that it can be synced with many of your other Apple products. The ability to do this makes running a business and keeping track of your fitness even easier. You may not be able to access your phone or laptop when waiting in line for something. Yet if you receive an important call, you can quickly receive a notification on your watch and answer it.

Synchronized technology has allowed users to blend their tech from one setting to the next. Their information or progress is never lost. It allows them to know exactly where they are and how much further they need to go to reach their goals.

As more products are created, you can be sure that synchronized technology will likely play a part in each one.

Fashion Tech Trends

One of the features that the Apple Watch offers its users is the ability to customize it. When it comes to trends on Apple Watch, customization is one of the highest ones. Everything from wrist bands to watch backings can be customized. Wearing an Apple Watch is no longer just about how its features can improve your life. It's also become a fashion statement.

1. Fashion Technology

There are other emerging fashion tech trends as well. One of the most interesting showcases in 2019 was digital clothing. Consumers were able to use augmented reality to digitally wear clothes or sneakers and see how they looked without ever needing to leave home.

This tech trend will likely be innovated in the future. Since Apple already has been working on augmented reality, there's a chance that their Apple Watch may provide its own taste of digital fashion in the future.

Many tech investors and enthusiasts believed that the Apple Watch would set the trend for fashion tech. They were right. The idea that clothing or accessories could also be harnessed with tech power was no longer a sci-fi fantasy concept. Apple Watch made it a reality. 

2. Accessorizing Your Technology

Customizing your Apple Watch is one of the reasons why it has done so well in the fashion-tech industry. In a time when standard tech is cookie-cutter, consumers want their tech to be personalized just for them. The Apple Watch started to set the scene for customizing your tech and accessorizing it.

For example, one of the customization options that consumers are able to choose is the kind of watch face they want for their Apple Watch. Whether you want something modern, sleek, or old-fashioned, there are tons of different faces from which to select.

You can even change the layout of how your apps are displayed. Whether you want a fun display or something a bit more organized, the choice is utterly yours. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of an Apple Watch is your ability to change out the band. This is when you can truly personalize your watch. Apple Watch fits most bands that have partnered with them. Those companies offer a slew of different bands that can tickle almost anyone's fancy. 

This ability to customize your watch has made the Apple Watch a leading contender for accessorizing fashion tech and creating its resulting trends.

What are trends on Apple Watch?

There are many trends that the Apple Watch has created as well as influences. Here are some of them.

  • Fitness Tracker
  • Health Monitor
  • The synchronicity of Business and Personal Lives
  • Wearable GPS
  • Customizable Bands

In terms of fitness and health, the Apple Watch has more or less set the trend. It allows its users to easily check their heart rate, monitor their sleep, watch their steps, and provide fitness programs for them to follow. 

Thanks to being able to receive notifications from your phone and other synchronized devices, the Apple Watch is able to inform business owners when something needs their attention. They're able to easily switch between business and personal modes with ease. Everything is connected together.

Another great trend that the Apple Watch is part of is a wearable GPS. Because it can offer turn-by-turn directions, the GPS capabilities of the Apple Watch are extremely helpful. Whether you're out running and want to follow a specific path or you're driving, using the Apple Watch can make getting around safer and easier.

Finally, its customizable bands are one of the hottest trends in the fashion tech industry.

What are the latest technology trends?

In regards to overall technology trends, going into 2020, consumers can expect a lot of attention going into 5G internet, robotics, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and augmented reality experiences. A lot of these sectors will bleed into one another since many of them are interconnected. 

Smartwatches will likely continue to innovate. Once linked with 5G, they may offer even more advanced features. 


The Apple Watch not only fits into many of the above latest trends today. It originally set them.