What Is The Best Gift For Father's Day?

What Is The Best Gift For Father's Day?

June 05, 2019

What is the best gift for father's day? If father's day is just around the corner, then we've got the perfect ideas for you. However, finding the right gift for a highly active dad is no walk in the park. Dads who are always on the move or highly active require gifts that can support their lifestyles. Read on to find out some of the best gifts you can get your dad on father's day.

Gear Protectants

Over the years, Apple watches have become increasingly popular. They make perfect gifts. However, for a physically active father, it's important to ensure his Apple Watch will be protected regardless of his activities. As a result, consider buying your dad a Rhinoband to keep his Apple watch safe from damage. The Rhino watch band comes with a unique, rugged design and is made from shock absorbing, high-quality material. It ensures your dad`s watch remains safe regardless of his active lifestyle.

Running and training gear

For active dads, nothing beats state-of-the-art training or running gear. As a simple gift, a new pair of trainers can go a long way. If your dad is a fitness fanatic, think out of the box and purchase a gift that will add value to his workout routines. Sunglasses, training gloves and even a home-workout kit can make all the difference on father`s day. 

When buying a father's day gift, it's crucial to get your dad a gift that supports his active lifestyle. Therefore, do not hesitate to go the extra mile when selecting running or training gear for your dad.

Entertainment Accessories

All dads, regardless of their character, love to be entertained every once in a while. With that being said, take the initiative to buy your dad a gift that will help him relax during his leisure time.

Options can range from simple headphones to complex music systems. As long as the gift comes from the heart, your dad is bound to appreciate it and feel special. The same way purchasing an Apple watch band can make all the difference for your dad, so, too, will buying a workout CD or a simple entertainment accessory.

Action opportunities

As you might be aware, active dads love the outdoors and anything to do with physical activities. Due to this, you can enroll your dad in a marathon, outdoor adventure, kayaking trip, or even a neighborhood race. Taking the initiative to register your dad for outdoor activities will prove to him that you care about his lifestyle. You can also take it a notch further by participating in the events with him or even register the entire family to take part in the outdoor activities.

It's thoughtful for dads who love the outdoors and makes it even better for dads who love to have family time. So, do not hesitate to register your dad for activities that could be of interest to him. However, to make the events more special, be sure to participate as well, or tag the entire family along to support your old man.

Energy supplements

It's safe to say that active dads love to be on the move. Consider buying your dad his favorite supplements. To make the gift last long enough, you can create an assorted gift box full of your father`s favorite power drinks, energy bars, and powdered supplements.

While such gifts might appear simple, they can make your dad shed tears of joy on father`s day. However, to select the best supplements, it is advisable to do a bit of research on your dad`s preferences when it comes to energy boosting supplements.

Surprise trip

To spice things up a bit, consider taking your dad for a surprise trip to his favorite outdoor location. It might be for a hike up the neighborhood hill or camping through the night. Whatever activity you decide to do, your dad will be super happy to spend some time doing what he likes. To make the trip memorable, you can tag along or invite some of your dad`s close friends to accompany him on the trip.

Buy an Apple watch

An Apple watch can come in handy for active fathers. Since most active dads are into healthy living, an Apple watch will help your dad keep track of his workout progress. The Apple watch has several useful features such as the health and fitness tracker which monitors the user`s movement throughout the day. In case you're scared of purchasing the watch only for your dad to damage it while working or exercising, you can go the extra mile and buy an Apple watch band from Rhinoband which is the most reliable watch band to keep your dad's new watch, fully protected.

Invite his friends over for a game night or afternoon

If your dad is usually active, then he will appreciate an afternoon or evening competing with his work or home buddies. Of course, as the child, you must be aware of some of his closest friends or family members. Do not hesitate to reach out and invite them to come over for an afternoon or evening contest. Although the game should be a surprise for your dad, be sure to hint that there will be guests coming over for him to avail himself for the event. 

To ensure everything goes according to plan, partner with your mom or close relatives to help distract your dad while all the preparations are underway. Make sure you prepare the games that your father loves. It could be a drinking competition, a dart tournament, or even a chess tourney with his close buddies.

Pay one of his monthly subscriptions

Pay for his monthly gym membership for his neighborhood club. Whatever it is, surprising your dad with such a gift will make him feel special. Dads love to be spoiled every once in a while, especially by family members on special occasions. So don't hesitate to pay one of your dad`s monthly subscriptions. If you're low on cash, you can offer to pay part of the bills as it is the thought that always counts. However, offering to settle some of your dad`s monthly bills will surely touch his heart and make his father`s day memorable.

Spend time together

Spending quality time with your dad might be a tough ask, especially if he is always on the move. Therefore, planning to spend some time together during fathers can be special. You can plan with your family members and prepare his favorite meals as a way to thank him for always being there when it matters. While spending quality time might appear as a simple gift, it can go a long way in making your dad feel appreciated and loved by people who matter.

Arrange for a get-together

Nothing beats a sunny afternoon barbecue with loved ones. If most of your siblings are grown and living separately, then organizing a get-together will help reunite the family and revisit some good, old memories. As the head of the household, your father will appreciate having all his children around to celebrate father's day. Even better, having your siblings around translates to more gifts for your dad on that special day. However, for a gathering to be successful, you will need to plan well in advance to ensure that everyone is informed of the plans before time runs out.

A simple letter or a father`s day card

You don’t have to plan for an expensive trip abroad or throw a massive party for you to appreciate your dad on father's day. A simple letter acknowledging his sacrifices can make your father teary, primarily if it's written straight from the heart. You can always write a letter and fix it between a unique father's day card. Remember, appreciating your father is not about flashy gifts. Instead, it's about acknowledging the sacrifices and selfless nature of your parent when raising you.

As you can see, there are several gifts you can buy for your dad on father's day. Be extra careful, especially when looking to select the perfect gift for your active dad. No matter your gift of preference, ensure it comes from the heart as it will make your dad feel special, loved and appreciated on father`s day. While you're here, why not prepare ideas for a great mother's day?