Apple Watch Series 5 with black band, nike screen, and a white background.

Rumors About the Release of the Apple Watch Series 5

September 04, 2019

Since the release of its original Apple Watch in September 2015, Apple has been the top-selling smartwatch and has been going strong ever since. The latest version, the Apple Watch Series 4, is packed with loads of features that should satisfy any smartwatch enthusiast. However, now, fans have much more to look forward to with the highly anticipated release of the Apple Watch Series 5. Many rumors are swirling around about what you can expect with this excellent new smartwatch.

Expected Release Date and Price

There's no confirmed release date yet for Apple Watch Series 5. Despite that, the anticipation is that they will announce it at the company’s annual event in early September. Most likely, the smartwatch will come at a similar price as the Apple Watch Series 4, which was $399 for the smaller Apple Watch band and $499 for the larger one that included GPS.

Of course, if you want your Apple Watch Series 5 to include LTE connectivity, you will have to fork over a bit more cash. It's Series 4 counterpart cost $499 for the smaller version and $529 for the larger Apple Watch band.

Rumors Surrounding Design and Notable Features


There are many rumors about the Apple Watch Series 5. One of the most reliable sources, Ming-Chi Kuo, reported that at least one model of the new smartwatch will feature Apple’s “new ceramic casing design.” 

Another rumor is that Apple Watch will have their latest support for an ECG monitor in the models available in additional countries. That's to keep up with the Apple Watch 4.

There may also be a whole new way to charge the Apple Watch. The rumor is that the bezels on the face of the Series 5 will be smaller than last year's model. It's safe to assume that there will be a slight revamp from the's wider, flatter display of the Series 4.

Kuo also stated the belief that Apple is on its way to introducing a new two-way wireless charging method. This method will allow users to charge their Apple Watch by merely placing it on the bottom of the iPhone. That two-way charging method would enable both the iPhone and the Apple Watch to charge simultaneously.

There is another rumor that Apple is working toward creating a sleep tracking feature. As a result, you won't need to download a third-party app to track your sleeping via Apple Watch Series 5. This feature may come as a software update. If so, it may be available on older models of the smartwatch. At the same time, the rumor states that sleep tracking may not arrive until 2020.

Reuters recently published a report that claims Apple is also considering Japan Display to customize OLED screens for the Apple Watch Series 5. It appears that the company is making deals that can affect the production of the new smartwatches expected next month. There is also a filed patent that aims to monitor chemicals in the air. It’s believed that this feature may be related to detecting the air quality or even body odor while the user is exercising.

Furthermore, reports say that the Apple Watch Series 5 may include Wi-Fi Assist technology. It may also have a microLED screen rather than the standard OLED screen featured in previous models of the smartwatch. (You'd want to make sure you protect your watch with a functional apple watch band) One belief is that this type of display may improve battery life.

Features We Want to See

There are certain features Apple Watch fans want to see in the Series 5 smartwatch. The reported essential functions that people want to see are the following :

Better battery life: While the Apple Watch doesn’t have the worst battery life, it is also isn’t anywhere near the best. The Series 4 had the best battery life of all Apple Watch releases yet, so it’s only safe to assume that the Series 5 will have an even better battery.

More choices of apps: So far, only a select few apps are compatible with the Apple Watch. Unfortunately, some apps have been dropped, including those that are very popular like Instagram, Pokemon Go, and Slack. Apple can do its part to regain support from the companies and other apps to bring them back or bring them to the Apple Watch for the first time.

More support for Spotify: Spotify is one of the most popular music apps by people on all platforms, including Apple. While the app has been available for the Apple Watch since last year, the functionality can be improved. It is only possible to control music on your other devices through the Apple Watch, which means you can’t download music from Spotify to the device. Better support would be a vast improvement all around.

Better sleep technology: Apple currently has sleep tracking on the Apple Watch, but it’s not exactly the most accurate. Users want to see vast improvements, as it would allow them to forget about third-party apps to track their sleep.

Thinner, sleeker design: The Apple Watch feels bulky on the wrist, which is why many fans would like to see a more lightweight, sleeker design.

Android support: One thing many fans of the Apple Watch want to see in the Series 5 release is support for Android. However, this is a pipe dream as Apple has no reason to include support for smartphones that are competing for its iPhone lineup.

More health features: Finally, it would be great to see more health features included in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5. In addition to the ECG technology that is rumored to be added, many users would like to see other features as well, such as a blood sugar monitor for those who have diabetes. This feature might be reaching a bit, but Apple has surprised everyone before.

It's only a matter of time in this September month, so we wait with bated breath to see what Apple has in store for the Apple Watch Series 5. Hopefully, at least a few of these rumors pan out to be true.