Rhino Brand's Rhino Glass Being pressed onto a phone screen.

Rhino Glass Screen Protector Review: What to Expect & How to Get the Most Out of It

March 22, 2021

Table of Contents

What's Included?

  • The Cleaning Kit
  • The Screen Protector and How to Set It Up
  • Why You Should Use Our Screen Protector

  • 9H Protectors Are Scratch Resistant
  • Rhino Glass Is Case Friendly for Even More Protection
  • You’ll Have to Worry Much Less About Bubbles
  • Using Our Max Edge Option
  • Conclusion


    With the high cost of smartphones, most owners find it important to protect the value of their mobile devices. Given that one of a cell phone’s most vulnerable areas is the glass screen, it is logical to protect it from scratches, dust, and other damage.

    One way to provide the ultimate level of protection is by using a Rhino Glass Screen Protector. Featuring a 9H hardness, Rhino Glass Screen Protectors are one of the most durable and highly-rated options on the market. 9H refers to the level of hardness on the Mohs (mineral hardness) scale that ranges from 1 to 10. Diamond is at the top of the scale and glass is around a 5.

    This screen protector review will teach you more about the Rhino Glass Screen Protector and how to maximize your mobile device’s safety.

    Rhino Glass: What’s Included

    When you first receive your Rhino Glass Screen Protector, it will come with the two following components to help you apply the tempered glass screen protector and ensure it maximizes protection:

    The Cleaning Kit

    The first item you will see is the cleaning kit which contains a cleaning cloth, dust sticker, and an alcohol wipe. The purpose of the cleaning kit is to wipe the glass section of your screen clean from dust and other debris to ensure the tempered glass screen protector applies evenly and in the best position to provide protection.

    The Screen Protector and How to Set It Up

    The other part of the package is the screen protector which is tempered glass and will be doing the work of protecting your investment. To set up the screen protector, follow these steps:

    1. Prepare the process by opening the package and laying out each component on an uncluttered and dust-free table. Make sure your phone is turned off during the process to avoid any distracting notifications while you are attempting to apply the protector. Also, it is best to apply the protector while the case is off, so you have the most maneuverability.
    2. Cleaning your screen is one of the most important parts of the process to eliminate Dorito cheese, dust, oil, and any other type of debris. While performing this step, ensure your hands are clean. Use the alcohol wipe to thoroughly and carefully clean your screen then use the microfiber cloth to give it a good polish.
    3. Remove the protective layer from the glass protector to expose the adhesive side of the glass. The adhesive is applied lightly to one side of the protector to create a bond with your phone once properly applied. Make sure to handle the protector using the edges of the cutout to eliminate the possibility of fingerprints. This side will be placed face-down on your phone.
    4. Ensure to align the glass with the display of your screen. The glass should evenly align around your camera and buttons if you have any on the screen. The cutout is a plastic replica cover of your phone model which will line up with the edges of your device.
    5. Once the protector is in place, lay it down on the screen and give it a soft press from the center outward to allow the adhesive to naturally grip the screen. If you make a mistake and the protector looks off-centered then you can lift and realign.
    6. Although the plastic cutout helps lower the chance of bubbles, there still may be a few if the protector is not laid positioned correctly. If there are remaining bubbles, use the cloth to gently smooth them toward the edges until they disappear.

    Why You Should Use Our Screen Protector

    If you're still on the fence about using Rhino Glass, then the rest of the screen protector review will give you even more reasons Rhino Glass stands out from the competition.

    9H Protectors Are Scratch Resistant

    Rhino Glass Screen Protectors contain a scratch-resistant layer that delivers extra hardness which eliminates cosmetic scratches that may occur from daily use. The protector also contains an oleophobic coating that helps with the removal of smudges and grease marks from your fingers. Your phone’s screen is a fingerprint magnet, so this additive eliminates the problem. The coating also keeps your phone smooth and easy to use the touchscreen while applied.

    Rhino Glass Is Case Friendly for Even More Protection

    Rhino Glass Screen Protectors are case-friendly to provide the maximum level of protection. This means it works with any case type on multiple iOS and Android phones. Therefore, you simply need to purchase the correct protector for your phone model and it won’t interfere with any case you currently have or will purchase in the future.

    You’ll Have to Worry Much Less About Bubbles

    Screen protector bubbles are incredibly annoying and let’s be honest, you can never truly remove them all once they appear. The Rhino Glass Screen Protector plastic cutout helps ensure the protector is consistently laid down flat in the correct position, so you do not need to worry about bubbles as much as with a protector without the cutout.

    Using Our Max Edge Option

    The Rhino Glass Screen Protector Max Edge option ensures the tempered glass extends almost to the edge for maximum protection. This product is also compatible with curved screens to ensure they receive the same level of protection as their flat counterparts.


    In this screen protector review, you have learned about the various components that comprise the Rhino Glass Screen Protector product, how to set it up, and the multiple benefits of using this protector type. Screen protectors have been available since the beginning of touchscreen mobile devices and have continued to grow in popularity as customers see the value in protecting their expensive investments. Rhino Glass continuously stands out amongst the competition due to its unmatched quality and durability, coupled with a trustworthy application. If you are in the market for a new screen protector for your iOS or Android device, consider purchasing a Rhino Glass Screen Protector!