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Rhino Brand New Releases 2019

October 15, 2019

Here at Rhino Brand, we continuously strive to bring you innovative products to protect your devices. Whether you’re out on the job, braving the gridiron, lifting heavy, or summiting a peak, Rhino Brand products protect your Apple gear, so you don’t have to.

Our one of a kind, three-layer, shockproof bands shield your electronics from any adventure you have planned. The AirPod Grips keep your wireless headphones snug in your ears no matter the tumbles you take. Finally, our AirPods Cases make a great addition to your everyday carry, offering on the go protection for your AirPods Charger.

Our 2019 line-up continues our tradition of rugged simplicity and reliable protection. From bands with school spirit to protection for your AirPods, let us help you live out our motto, “Stop living cautiously.”


Gator Bands (University of Florida)

Gator Band

Gator fans unite! Stand up and share your school spirit with the UF Rhino Stealth in Gators blue and orange. This sleek, rugged band protects your Apple Watch both on the field and out in the stands. Go ahead! Get rough! Catch a pass, sack the quarterback, cheer your team to victory. No matter what bumps and bruises you take in pursuit of the win, this Rhino Brand product will keep your Apple Watch safe.

The UF Rhino Stealth keeps your Apple Watch secure with our unique, three-layer shockproof system. The raised bevel and screen protector keeps objects from impacting your screen. This military-grade polyurethane band in the colors classic blue and orange lets you focus on the game, rather than on your gear.


Camo Bands

Camo Band

If camping and hiking are more your speed, look no further than our Camo Bands. Here we combined our most popular model, the Rhino Stealth, with all new urban or forest camouflage colors. Our Camo Bands are perfect for heading up the side of a mountain or biking down a muddy trail, all while providing world-class protection for your Apple Watch. The military-grade polyurethane we use in our bands makes your gear shockproof and lets you get back to conquering the trail.

Rhino Brand's bands combine a stainless steel clasp and a multilayer shock-resistant system with a tough screen protector to offer you the best of Apple Watch protection in a sleek, durable frame. Stop worrying about your watch; we’ve got you covered.


AirPod Grips

Black AirPod Grips

Never worry about your wireless headphones again with the Stylish Rhino AirPod Grips. Everyone remembers the terror they felt the first time their AirPods fell out. Watching $150 clatter to the pavement is awful and is the reason we developed the AirPod Grips. Slip them easily on to your AirPods and go running without a second thought. Then, pop them off just as simply when you want to charge your headphones.

The flexible, anti-microbial Grips keep your AirPods tucked snugly into your ears in the perfect position for crystal clear audio. These fantastic accessories come in five bold colors of soft silicon that you can wear comfortably for hours. Whatever workout you have planned, no matter how you train, you can trust the AirPod Grips to keep your headphones safe.


AirPods Leather Case

AirPod Leather Case

The AirPods Leather Case is a perfect addition to your everyday carry kit. Form and function come together in this timeless piece. It is built for anyone who wants to add a little class to their Apple gear. No frills, no fuss, just workmanship. This protective case slips easily over the Apple AirPods Charger and offers a classic look to new tech.

The finely cut leather allows the AirPods Charger to open easily and gives free access to the charger cable port. The AirPods Leather Case is made of premium genuine leather that gives each piece a unique texture, all while protecting your AirPods Charger from getting scratched during the workday. This case will be at home on the worksite, in the boardroom, or on the dance floor. With options of both classic brown leather or straightforward premium black, our AirPods Leather Case provides you with a fine leather accessory for any occasion.


AirPod Waterproof Case

AirPod Waterproof Case

Maybe you need more protection for your Apple AirPods Charger Case than the average person. Maybe your adventures take you to places and heights where the every day just won’t cut it. Our AirPod Waterproof Case is built to handle every slip and fall, every waterfall and cliff. Take your mind off your gear and get back into the moment.

The tough, precision-molded silicone gives your AirPods Charger protection from drops and scrapes. It keeps them dry and keeps sand out of sensitive areas. When the charger port is closed, the case is completely waterproof. The convenient carabiner lets you clip the AirPod Waterproof Case onto your pack so you can get back to the beach or up the trail. No more worrying about a little water, our rugged case can handle it with ease. Whether you’ve planned a day at the beach, a hike to a waterfall, or a trip down the rapids, our AirPod Waterproof case offers your AirPods unbeatable protection and security.


Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield

Our new Rhino Shield allows you access to our one of a kind shockproof technology while still keeping your favorite Apple Watch band. The Rhino Shield offers our Rhino Glass screen protector surrounded by a shock-resistant thermopolymer shroud to protect your Apple Watch from anything life throws at you. It comes in 38mm, 40mm, 42 mm, and 44 mm to match any fit and size, including the Series 1,2,3,4 and 5 Apple Watch.

The Rhino Shield is perfectly designed to not interfere with the normal functions of the watch. The Apple Watch knob and button are both accessible while keeping your device safe from drops and impacts. From home to the worksite, the Rhino Shield protects your devices from wear and tear with comfortable ease. Get your hardhat on and forget about your tech; we’ve got you covered.


Final Thoughts

Our 2019 line-up offers you best-in-class protection for your Apple gear. Work hard, Play hard. No matter what, our products can keep up with your lifestyle and give you the peace of mind to perform at your best. The tumbles and falls are all part of the fun. Don’t take away from it by worrying about your gear. From your AirPods to your Apple Watch, let us worry about your devices for you. Get your mind off of your tech and back in the game.




Q: Are Rhino Brand's watch bands waterproof?

A: These bands are made out of a durable polyurethane that is completely waterproof. Your Apple Watch is also waterproof thanks to its design.

Q: Will your bands fit my big wrist?

A: The Rhino Stealth is roughly 11.5 inches long, which is slightly longer than the Apple Watch XL. We suggest you measure your wrist before purchase.

Q: Does the Rhino Band 2 come with a screen protector?

A: Only the band itself is included with the Rhino Band 2. You can purchase a compatible screen protector from us separately.

Q: How do I charge my AirPods with the Grips?

A: The AirPods Grips are designed to easily slip on an off when you need to charge your headphones.

Q: Is the AirPods Waterproof Charger case really waterproof?

A: Yes, it is waterproof so long as the charger port is closed. We still do not recommend that you intentionally submerge it.