Graduation Ideas for Adventurous Grads: What to Do Next

Graduation Ideas for Adventurous Grads: What to Do Next

May 22, 2019

While many students follow up their graduation by launching into their careers with their new jobs, others take a different path.

To celebrate the momentous occasion of their graduation, many students choose to partake on a graduation trip with their friends. Graduating soon? Consider the following ideas as you start planning for your graduation trip:


1. Ride with Camels

Riding with camel in desert

Ever dreamt of riding through the Sahara Desert on the back of a camel? By booking a flight to Morocco, your desert dreams can become reality. Give your final years of schooling a proper send off by planning a group trip to the largest desert on the planet. 


In addition to traveling by camel, in Morocco, you and your friends will have the unique opportunity to watch the sun set over the mountainous dunes. Complete your desert vacation by staying in nomadic tents inside the desert itself for the night or get a local hostel to really learn as much as possible about the culture. 


2. Camping in the Canadian Countryside 

Camp fire

Camping is an excellent adventure after college—especially when it's in the Canadian countryside. While you may not initially consider Canada when it comes to the best camping grounds, the Canadian countryside is one of the world’s most popular locations for backcountry camping. From its icefields, lakesides, and prairies, the perfect camping location is one flight to Canada away. 


With your tent in tow and some weekend provisions, you and your friends will have the time of your lives camping in Canada. While you may want to limit your packing to items you only truly need, don’t forget your Apple Watch.

With Rhino Brand bands and accessories, you’ll be able to protect your watch and still have wild adventures, whether you’re mountain biking or going barbecuing by an open flame. 

Upon your return from the country, you can take in more sites in some major Canadian cities. Head to Toronto to see what this world-famous city has to offer by way of entertainment, restaurants, and art museums.

3. Go Skiing in Hokkaido 


Can’t get enough of skiing, snowboarding, or seeing the beautiful snow-covered sights of Japan? Set up a skiing adventure in Hokkaido as part of your post-grad adventures.

In addition to the winter wonderland sports, Hokkaido has a lot of incredible sights, foods, and nightlife to offer. Once you’re done shredding the slopes, start exploring the rest of Japan by dining at some of their freshest seafood restaurants, living it up at one of their popular nightclubs, or spending a memorable night at an ice hotel inside Hokkaido’s magical snow village. 

4. Climb Malaysia's Highest Peak

Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia'

(Photo Credit: www.mountainkinabalu.com)

No graduation adventure is complete without a fair amount of adrenaline. Get your blood pumping with a hike up the highest peak on a trip to Malaysia. 

If you and your friends are serious mountain climbers, you all will love taking your post-graduation trip to Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. 

Though many people choose to climb these mountains for fun, Mount Kinabalu is not to be underestimated. At 4,095m, this mountain takes about two days to reach the top. If you’re in for the workout of a lifetime, it’s time to convince your friends to take the trek with you. 

5. Do Yoga in Bintan 

Hotel on Bintan Island
(Photo Credit: Singapore-guide.com )
After a grueling few years in school, it makes sense that you want a vacation where you can really blow off some steam. Sign up for a rejuvenating retreat in Bintan to make the most of this memorable time after graduation.

Just outside of Singapore, Bintan is a beautiful holiday destination with an enviable beach with activities like kayaking, yoga, and snorkeling. 

Once you’ve reached Savasana, it’s time to explore the rest of Bintan. A walk around this beautiful destination will lead you to their iconic restaurants and bars. 

6. Dive in Sipadan Island with Turtles 

Sipadan Island Resort

(Photo Credit: themalaysiantimes.com)

Sipadan Island is one of the most picturesque scuba diving areas in the world. Home to South Asia’s largest Barrier reef, Sipadan Island also houses an ecosystem filled with a surprising amount of fish, turtles, manta rays, sharks, and barracudas. As you dive, you’ll get to see this incredible ecosystem firsthand. 

For the non-divers still interested in checking out this beautiful island, Sipadan is just as incredible to experience through snorkeling. This marine biodiversity hotspot is also quite close to the mainland, making it easy to venture out for island adventures during the day and return to the mainland to have some serious fun at night. 

7. Visit New Delhi for Cycling 

Brown buidling

Cycling is one of the most under-appreciated ways to see a city. When it comes to planning your graduation trip, think about going on a cycling tour through New Delhi. Seeing the city from the comfort of your bike gives you an entirely different perspective on the historical villages and national monuments that you pass through. 

With the added benefit of a tour guide, you’ll be able to really get a feel for New Delhi as you learn as much about the city as possible. As you cycle through New Delhi, be sure to hit all of the important historical landmarks like India Gate, Humayun's Tomb, and the Nehru stadium to name just a few of the best sites in the city.

Throughout your time in New Delhi, don’t forget to enjoy some deciduous traditional Indian food. While you're traveling, pick up one of the best travel watches to keep up with your fitness

8. Soak Up the Sun at Victoria Falls

 Victoria Falls in Africa

(Photo Credit: Victoriafallstourism.org)

Venture out to the largest waterfalls in the world and take a trip to Victoria Falls. These world-famous waterfalls are just one of the incredible things to see and do in Zambia.

While these waterfalls can seem daringly dangerous, diving into the deep pool just at the edge of the falls is truly an adventure of a lifetime. Though the 108m drop down the falls may seem far too dangerous, the rocks formed at the pool’s edge will keep you from plummeting down. 

In addition to seeing the gorgeous Victoria Falls, Zambia is also home to some of the world’s most incredible animals. Continue your trip by going on a safari to see Africa’s most iconic animals.

On this half-day safari, you and your friends will see everything from giraffes and wildebeests to majestic lions and hippopotamuses. Similarly, you can see all this and more on a backpacking journey through Zambia. 

9. Risk it All with Cage Diving 

Cage Diving

While some people are terrified of Jaws, others are fascinated by sharks and want to learn as much as possible about them. If you’re a secret shark lover, consider having your graduation adventures in Cape Town with some cage diving. When cage diving, divers are sent down in a cage to swim in close proximity with sharks. 

If you’d rather not get up close and personal with the sharks, consider watching the sea life from a safe distance by boat. As you sit safely stowed away on the boat, you’ll watch sharks hunt for seals in their natural habitat. 

Once you’re done interacting with Cape Town’s most ferocious sea creatures, get a surreal view of the area from Table Mountain. After a hike up this flat-top mountain, you’ll have a front-row view to incredible panoramas of Cape Town. 

The best post-grad trip ideas will give you and your friends one last ”hurrah” before you all enter the working world. Keep this guide in mind as you put together your itinerary for the grad adventure of a lifetime.