Rhino Brand's Apple Watch protector case, the black Rhino Band 2

Best Reasons To Buy An Apple Watch Protector Case

March 31, 2021

Table of Contents

Why do you need a protector case for your Apple Watch?

  • Even the Most Robust Models Can Get Damaged
  • The High Cost of Repairs and Replacements
  • Good for Your Skin's Health
  • They Add a Sense of Fashion
  • How Strong Are Apple Watch Metal Casings and Screens?

  • How do you deal with scratches?
  • What is the best protective case for your Apple Watch?


    An Apple Watch is an accessory everyone adores and can serve you in many ways. It can be your music player, fitness tracker, sleep tracker, handwashing detector, or even a fashion statement. With the high-end technology and durable material used to manufacture these devices, there is no doubt that they're still delicate and need some care.

    Considering their cost, performance, and promise of durability, especially for the latest series, someone might think they're exempt from damage. Well, the fact is, even your new Apple Watch Series 6 can get scratches or fall victim to damage. 

    Why do you need a protector case for your Apple Watch?

    In a nutshell, you need to invest in your Apple Watch protection because it will save you money, elevate your sense of style and keep you from worry!

    Even the Most Robust Models Can Get Damaged

    Despite the notion that stainless steel and aluminum Apple watches are scratch-free, tests have indicated that you can still see scratches if the watches are exposed to friction over time. Even the Ion-X glass, which is similar to the Gorilla glass used in other smartphone models and is deemed tough and can offer great protection against scratches and damage, it's not 100 percent perfect.

    You may notice some wear as you continue wearing the watch long-term. Although the scratches may be minor, they can compromise the classy look or even lower the resale value significantly. 

    The High Cost of Repairs and Replacements

    No one desires to spend on repairs as they can be quite expensive. Remember, the more expensive your Apple Watch is, the more costly the repairs will be. Did you know that your warranty doesn't cover scratches? These are considered normal wear and tear due to friction with different surfaces as you go on with your daily activities. It covers smashes, though.

    If the screen is damaged, and you have AppleCare+, Apple can replace your screen twice at about $69 every time, which is considered a service fee. However, you may end up paying up to $299 for the more expensive models without a warranty. Is that money you want to spend for a repair? Well, if not, an apple protector case can save you that money.

    Good for Your Skin's Health

    Your watch traps bacteria and oils from your skin and other surfaces and may cause rashes to users with delicate skin. Some people react to Apple Watches' materials, such as Nickel and Acrylates.  A protector case can shield your skin from coming into contact with the watch surfaces that may react with your skin.

    An Apple Watch protector case also prevents your watch from moving around, thus avoiding friction between the skin and the metal. Cleaning the case is easy as well.

    They Add a Sense of Fashion

    Apple has limitations when it comes to fashionable watch cases and band colors. For instance, the Apple Watch 6 series comes in four colors, red, blue, graphite, and gold. Can you imagine if everyone in your family or workplace owned this Apple Watch? Would you even be able to identify yours if they were all mixed? Adding a protective case with a unique and attractive color will make you stand out and look fashionable. 

    How Strong Are Apple Watch Metal Casings and Screens?

    Apple has always boasted of creating a nearly indestructible product. According to Apple, the scratch-proof aluminum build and sapphire crystals are 60 percent stronger than the common alloys used in watch building.

    The screen is water-tight, and this has been proven through a test in which the watch was submerged in water for about 15 minutes, and to the surprise of many, the functionality was not compromised. However, although the material showed extreme toughness when tested for scratches, scratches were still identifiable when subjected to sandpaper scratch and keys.

    An Apple Watch screen comes with many features. Do you know you can take a screenshot on your Apple Watch? It also doubles up as a cute tiny bedside clock, meaning it's still helpful even when it's not on your arm. Even more interesting is that you can use it for maps, read emails, play music, and much more.

    The touch screen can also recognize the amount of force used to swipe or press. The "Force touch" feature enables you to navigate to more options. The screen display can also help you monitor your heart rate or even oxygen levels. Amazing, right? Well, anything this valuable needs protection too.

    How do you deal with scratches?

    The main reason for buying an Apple Watch protector case is to protect your device. Apple Care will cost you $49, and replacing your glass is $69. As mentioned earlier, this doesn't cover scratches; it only covers breakage.

    If you've only scratched without damaging the screen, it will not affect standard functionality. However, these scratches are not pretty to look at and may devalue your Apple Watch. You can prevent this by investing in good Apple Watch protection.

    If you like working out, there is a strong possibility of scratching the watch on the treadmill. When moving your arms, your wrists can brush the watch's sides and cause some wear. Another cause might be your exercise gloves scratching the watch surface, including the screen. A rubberized protector can create enough protection and prevent these scratches.

    If you place your Apple Watch on a rough surface face down, there is a huge possibility that it'll get scratches. A protector case lifts your glass high enough off the surface not to scratch easily.

    Some protector cases, such as the Rhino Runner by Rhino Brand, can be beneficial in offering top layer protection to your Apple Watch screen. With this protector case, you don't have to worry about the impact of falls, drops, or other mishaps.

    What is the best protective case for your Apple Watch?

    There are many types of protective cases for Apple Watches out there, but you have to select one that offers optimum protection. If you're looking for a durable and effective protective case for your Apple Watch, the Rhino Brand is a great choice and is compatible with the Apple series 1-4. 

    Rhino Brand offers both protective bands and screen protector glasses to ensure your Apple Watch retains its new appearance over time. The protective glass is laser cut and designed to fit perfectly in the curved screen feature of your Apple Watch.

    It's made of thick TPU material that ensures your touch screen is not only protected from scratches and cracks but also retains optimal sensitivity to touch.

    If you're an Apple Watch enthusiast, you don't have to keep worrying about the safety of your brand new Apple Watch every time you wear it. An Apple Watch protector case is your maiden solution.

    Rhino Brand offers the best protector cases in the market and are designed for your visual appeal. Whether you like it sleek, rugged, bulky, multicolored, or camouflaged, the protective cases are designed to fit your needs and budget.