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Apple Watch 4 - An Exciting New Watch For The Futuristic Age

August 29, 2018

In today’s world, technology is an integral part of our everyday lives. Technology is everywhere we turn. It’s in our homes and cars, our workplaces and favorite hangouts. It's hard to think of a time when technology isn't literally at our fingertips. We sometimes take modern technology for granted—especially those who aren’t so tech-savvy. In truth, technology is at the heart of everything that we do.

Technological advancement and new ideas birthed by tech pros have made modern gadgets incredibly user-friendly. Even children as young as kindergarten-aged can operate smartphones and tablets with ease. One of the products that offer cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use format is the Apple Watch. Apple’s line of iPhones is currently undergoing some amazing advancements, and the Apple Watch is following suit.

Apple has released its new watch model—Apple Watch Series 4—and everyone is buzzing over its new design and features. So far, it seems to be an impressive improvement over other models. If you missed the product launch, check out all the rumors that did, and didn’t, turn out to be true.

Apple Watch 4 Rumors

The Apple Watch Series 3 provided a high sales volume for Apple, and it is still renowned worldwide for its features and longevity. Compared to the Apple Watch 3, the Series 4 has significantly bigger specs. The rumors were speculating that it had a larger screen for easier app viewing and to accommodate a larger operating system. It looks like those rumors have been verified as truth. It turns out that the battery life hasn’t changed much, though. You can still expect to get about eighteen hours of battery life per day.

The new watch model can provide special features for making everyday tasks easier, like an app for tracking your sleep patterns. Apple takes on more and more health initiatives with each release. The Apple Watch Series 4 is no exception to that trend. The watch is able to detect falls and is intelligent enough to trigger a call to 911 if you’re immobile for one minute after falling. It can also monitor your heart rhythm and screen for irregularities in your heartbeat. The feature that has everybody talking is the watch's ability to take an electrocardiogram (EKG)—more on that in a moment! From a visual perspective, the Series 4 is said to boast the first major design overhaul since the Apple Watch first hit the market over three years ago.

Apple launched the new product during its huge September 12th iPhone event. The new model was revealed at the event to give a glimpse of iOS 12—brand new technology, currently in beta testing, that’s designed for the impending era of automation.

Regarding the price tag on the Series 4, some early estimations indicated that it would be set at a similar price point to the Apple Watch 3's initial cost—about $320 or above. The actual starting price is currently listed at $399. This is just a starting value, though, and the price goes higher if you want to add LTE connectivity and GPS tracking options.

What Does it Look Like?

All of the new specs and features are nice to have, but people want to know what the watch looks like. If it's going to sit on your wrist every day and be highly visible, it better look good! Major changes in design are evident in the Apple Watch 4. There were a 38mm and a 42mm size offered for previous generations, but there is a noticeable size increase this time around. The screen has grown to 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch options. The thicker borders seen on the Apple Watch 3 are now thinner to accommodate the dramatically larger screen size. To put a number on it, the screen size has grown by 30% over previous models.

According to Apple, customers will get to use their existing watch bands, as the new Apple Watch model will fit older bands. This is good news for customers, who can save money and get an idea of what the new watch band design is like. There will also be new stainless steel and gold finish bands available specifically for the Series 4.

The large size of the product is counterbalanced by a slim design and lightweight feel. The Series 4 is being described as “trendier” than the previous models. Additionally, the new watch includes an adjustable strap to fit any size wrist.

Features and Specs

The product is alleged to offer faster performance due to the introduction of brand new circuit boards. The watch is supposed to be extra versatile as a result, and have a more powerful antenna. The antenna will provide stability of LTE signals.

The watch will provide LTE signals regularly, similar to the iPhone. The inner workings of the new watch are designed to protect the wearable from ever being adversely affected by heat or moisture. There is not yet any news regarding the new watch’s connectivity advantages.

The Series 4 is said to be more futuristic. It has an unlocking feature, similar to Face ID, that requires you to look at the device to access its contents. This feature ensures complete security. There’s no more need to type in a PIN number, which can be a bit difficult on a watch screen.

Fitness was certainly prioritized with this new model. The electrocardiogram is more advanced than regular heart rate monitors and can provide greater insight into your cardiovascular health. The EKG feature uses electrical impulses to analyze the condition of your heart. Some cardiologists have argued that this technology may not be suitable for people who don’t already have a known heart issue.

The Apple Watch 4 was rumored to have a tracking system for respiration rate, though we didn’t hear much about it during the product launch. This feature might be added to the next generation of watches instead. GPS technology for the Series 4 has been boosted, and the watch itself is now waterproof.

More Details on the Way

There were a lot of high expectations for this product, and we’ve only just been introduced to its cool new features and stylish design. Time will tell just how much different, or better, this watch is in comparison to its predecessors. Most people expected that the Apple Watch Series 4 would be an improved version of the previous of the Apple Watch Series 3, and we were certainly hoping for some significant upgrades.

Series 4 could also provide more software compatibility, including Android compatibility. It may even provide a more desirable look on the hardware-side of things by adapting to work with products like the Rhino watch band. This protective Apple Watch band provides comfort and protection without any aesthetic sacrifices. Rhino Band will have G Shock like Apple Watch bands that are compatible with the Series 4 soon after its September 12th release.