Airpods 2 holstered in the Apple Airpods Case without an Airpod case protector.

Apple Set to Release New Airpods 2. Here's What You Need To Know

June 12, 2019

The new Apple Air Pods improves upon the original design in every aspect. A few of the new features include faster connect time, a more responsive Siri, and longer battery life. The Apple Air Pods and charger can be bought from the App Store or a local Apple store in person. Two versions of the Air Pod charger include a wireless and wired set. The chargers can also be purchased separately. Apple manages to fit in a lot of technology in a small space which makes their prices more affordable.

New “Hey Siri” Feature

AirPod in White Case

Siri can now be called through the Air Pods via the “Hey Siri” function. Users can play music, search anything online, and everything else that Siri is capable of. Siri can be called while the Air Pods are inserted in the ears or just nearby. Seamless transition from the assistant command to listening to music or engaging in other activities creates a more immersive experience. The feature is also available on recent versions of iPhones and other Apple devices.

Wireless Charging Makes a Big Difference

Black Leather Case


Users don’t have to worry about being tethered to a charging station. The second generation AirPods use advanced hardware for charging capability. The charger itself uses Qi-compatible charging mats to power the case. The charging mat is compatible across several versions of the second generation AirPods. Another useful feature of the charging station is the LED which indicates the battery life of the charger.

Improvements to Talk Time and Connectivity

Apple Phone and AirPod

New technology such as the H1 chip increases the strength of wireless connections. Users can expect more consistent performance from the Air Pods. The improved clarity of sound is one of the most notable improvements. The new Apple AirPods allow up to an extra hour of talk time. This is a 50% increase compared to the first generation. Connection times are noted to be twice as fast as before when switching between devices. This increases the strength of the Apple ecosystem. The improvements in wireless connection can be contributed to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology. The H1 chip is a replacement for the W2 chip because it's better suited for the Air Pod casing. 

New AirPods are Designed for Fitness

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AirPod grips wrap comfortably around the ear to ensure the Air Pods remain securely in place during exercise. The design is made to withstand many different types of weather conditions. Users don't feel taken out of their physical activity with the AirPod grips. The new Air Pods look identical to the first generation. Many fans may appreciate this fact. The Air Pods still boast a glossy white exterior.

Compatible with Other Devices

Iphone and Android Phone

Devices can be charged across the same charging station. Whether, it’s an iPhone, iWatch, or the AirPods, all these devices can be charged together. This saves money on investing in multiple chargers. The second generation of Air Pods is another powerful device to add to Apple’s inventory. The accessibility and intuitive interface across all devices make it easy to stay connected at any time.

Apple’s Future Plans

Apple AirPods and Apple Phone

Apple is known to develop technology specifically for their devices. The H1 chip for the new AirPods is an example of this. Signs show that Apple is working to create its own consumer tech-environment. This means a range of electronics can function and interact with each other using only Apple technology. This could allow Apple to reduce investment cost on some external manufacturing. In turn, Apple can focus more financial resources to pure development of its consumer's electronics. 

Wearable devices are a major business. The revenue generated from wearable devices is nearly $15 billion dollars. A significant portion of wearable devices is owned by Apple. It seems that Apple is committed to advancing its wearable devices. Therefore, further generations of Apple earphones are on the rise. 

There are some signs that Apple is focusing more attention on accessory devices over console devices like Phones. One reason for this is because many people don’t upgrade their phones as much as they used to. Many phones are on par with computers in nearly every aspect. People don’t feel the need to upgrade to another phone or device. 

Apple engineers its products to optimize space. Many of their products use every space of hardware surface area and miniaturize complex technologies. This level of engineering is difficult to achieve and can be unreasonably costly. The Apple Air Pods boost a professional and smooth exterior. Their products are optimized for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

The new Apple AirPods are a part of a bigger ecosystem. Personal data can be transferred and accessed across many different types of Apple products. Not only that, but Apple devices demonstrate exclusive features that only can be experienced with people who own Apple products. This creates a larger community of people who can easily identify other Apple users.

What are some Missing Features?

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Attention to detail and cutting edge technology make the AirPods top tier wearable technology, but there are aspects that consumers would like to see. The features are minor compared to improvements made to the new Air Pods. Some of these features include fitness tracking and being waterproof. 

Some fans are expecting later versions of AirPods to include these missing features because of previous announcements and rumors. These minor details are still being worked out amongst Apple representatives. Another absent feature is a microphone that filters out ambient noise. This is designed to improve sound clarity. One reason for removal of the microphone is device incompatibility. The Air Pods are already incredibly dense with electronic components so the addition of other components can prove challenging if not impossible. 

One major complaint about the new AirPods is that the battery wears out quickly over time. A shorter battery life requires more frequent charging which can take away from the intended convenience. Another feature that is not included is AirPower which is another version of the Apple charging pad.

What are the Implications?

Apple’s expansion of electronics means that consumers can expand much more innovative ideas from Apple. The second generation of Air Pods is both an improvement to its predecessor and a sign of what’s to come. The next generation may include some of the features that fans are expecting. Fans must wait to see what Apple has in store.