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5 Best Hunting Apps

July 13, 2020

Smartphones evolve with consumers and have gained traction in all facets of our lives. From hobbies to careers to brand new interests, our smartphones keep us connected to the most important aspects of our world. Hunting enthusiasts and their pastime are no exception; there are tons of resources available to make hunting preparations a breeze. 

Mega topographical and satellite maps are now a thing of the past. Finding wind direction, scent direction, and logging spots are no longer intimidating tasks. We’ve compiled a list of best hunting apps for both Android and iPhone. With these apps, you can load all your maps, acquire fishing licenses, and master wind direction. Many of them even have social sharing capabilities.

Let us delve into our list of five best-hunting apps for iPhone and Android;

OnX Maps


The Huntstand app is one of the only hunting apps with free land parcel borders. Created by Huntstand Systems, this app successfully set foot in lands never tilled before. Surpassing the other applications in this list, the Huntstand app is available both in the Android and Apple app stores. It also has the best combination of features with precise mapping, integrated satellite, topographical, aerial, and thematic maps for your select hunt areas. (Outdoorlife.com) With adequate network signals, these maps load with excellent image sharpness and detail. The app also provides up to 45 unique map markers. (Huntstand.com) Parking areas, food spots, blind spots, etc. all feature in these map markers. In addition to the tags, you can add five map lines; Trails, roads, other fences, and paths onto your maps. Land parcel information is also available up to 10 free lookups.

Huntstand app seamlessly blends up with the sightings pane. On the logging/ harvests menu, you can create log records for any kills and tracks. The sightings entries capture the current weather conditions.

Huntstand app features top-notch weather capabilities. Starting from the weather tab, the app furnishes you with particular climate conditions for your map area. Atmospheric pressure, wind, and rainfall levels are all stipulated here. Huntstand also allows you a three-day weather view as well as a five-day weather prediction overview. Not to ignore, the Solunar tab provides all the necessary solar and lunar (moon) details.

The Huntstand app has a great social dashboard. The newsfeed tab allows you to view milestones achieved by your peers. The Group Board engages various team members into a chat. The sharing option provides for the creation and sharing of maps to your friends.

Huntstand supports in-app purchases between $5.99- $11.99. An advanced Huntstand Pro app is available at $24.99 annually. (Huntstand.com) Huntstand is one of the best hunting apps for iPhone and Android.

OnX Maps

The OnX app is a product of OnX Systems and provides detailed maps with lots of precision in their quality. This free app allows you to scroll through property borders in real-time while afield. Within the dashboard, the app will enable you to toggle between various layers. You can switch through topo, satellite, State Unit map layers, etc. For instance, the State Unit map layer narrows down your select state and classifies all the species selected.

Within the map layer, a simple click on the information button reveals all the content about that area: the land owner's details, hunt area acreage, herd unit, and herd name all pop-up. A fascinating feature of the OnX maps is offline access to saved plans. In-network attenuated areas, you can save the maps prior and load them upon arrival.

The aerial map images generate under 24k high-quality resolution. No detail is left to chance. Besides, the OnX Maps app creates custom waypoints. You can easily mark out special features on the map as a reminder on your return along your trail.

The apps retail from $29.99 annually for the premium version, and $119.99 for the premium+ model. (OnX Maps.com)



Scoutlook is one of the simplest and best hunting apps for iPhone and Android. Scoutlook app is an affiliate of Huntstand Systems. Available both in the Android and Apple app stores, Scoutlook takes pride in its ScentCone system. The ScentCone system highlights the direction from which the wind is blowing from and heading. The AI system also highlights how the wind may proliferate your scent within the select map area.

Another magnificent feature of the Scoutlook is its weather capabilities. The weather forecast is precise, highlighting the atmospheric pressure, lunar phases, and wind speeds. Within the weather menu, the app furnishes you with the cloud and aerial views. In each view, you can narrow down to your preferred hunt species.

Forte in the Scoutlook app is its lowest cost. Wait, it is free! You don't need to make annual subscriptions to enjoy any of the features. (mossyoak.com) 


You don’t want to venture into the woods without the HuntWise app by HuntWise Systems. Also available both for Android and iPhone users, the HuntWise app boasts of its spectacular offline maps. With over 250 map layers, you can easily toggle between different maps. Within the land view, you can drop up to 14 map markers, add border lines to your desired region, and get land parcels owner information.

HuntWise app provides a 3D map view to all its routes. Within the Forecasting tab, favorable wind, solar, and scent drift wind predictions pop up. The HuntWise app meticulously integrates a social and sharing workspace for its hunters. Within the Sharing dashboard, you can record hunting logs, chat with fellow hunters, as well as shop with team members. On the sharing page, you can also rate your peers’ milestones and trail.

The HuntWise app is available at the Pro at $49.99 annually. 


Are you interested in hunting and fishing? Look no further. Powderhook app guides you to both fishing and hunting locations. The app incorporates public land parcels into its dashboard once you’ve selected the preferred map overlay. After you select the designated map area, all federal land parcels populate. The app solely focuses on scouting for potential fishing and hunting zones and does not have sharing capabilities but it is entirely free. Definitely a versatile option to consider!


Each of these best hunting apps for Android and iPhone has its own tour de force.

  • The Huntstand app takes pride in its precise and detailed weather forecasting. This application also integrates real-time map layers as well as sighting records.
  • OnXMaps brags on its pure image clarity and magnificence. The 24k map image resolution is unmatched.
  • The Scoutlook app has garnered traction globally due to its ScentCone system.
  • The HuntWise and Powderhook apps have impressive offline capabilities as well as user friendly interfaces.


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