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I like it very much

I ordered it right around Christmas and it still only took a few days to get to me. Once I got it it was a very small package with no directions just the product and a wet and dry wipe luckily I’m smarter then the average bear so I was able to handle how to install it but I do think directions should come with it the product. Besides that I’m completely happy with my purchase and have already been telling ppl to try these products out.

Great Product

Fits well. Was delivered quickly. Great product so far.

Protective Shield
Jake Stoker
Awesome quality

The cover is discreet yet very durable. I am very pleased with the quality and protection.

Tyler G.

Went from a G Shock to an Apple Watch, and the Stealth band has the same look and feel. Great for protecting my watch at the gym as well.

Rhino Band 2
Harry Ganthier
Love it

I use it at work working on cars so I not worried about breaking it

Henry Martinez
Just as advertised.

I was searching for good all around protection without wearing a brick on my wrist. Rhinoband Stealth provides that well. It’s still a little bulky, doesn’t fit under my long sleeve uniform cuff, but worth the protection. I accidentally shattered the screen protector case installing incorrectly and wish I could order the case alone.

Rhino Runner
Frank Tangorra
Perfect for Apple watch

I received this about 10 days ago. So far it’s great. Excellent quality with a good feel. I’m an electrician and I needed something to protect my watch and this is it.

Protective Shield
Rene Jaime

It fits perfect and matches my band perfect. I’ll be ordering some more

Raymond Mata
Best protection for my dollar

It’s was perfect I have a big wrist and it made the watch look more fit for my wrist and very well protected I’m extremely happy with my purchase

Rhino Band 2
Jason Porinchok

The band works well

Protective Shield
Patrick Martinez
Great Product

This cover was easy to install. Just a few wipes and it snapped onto the watch with easy. Great protection and looks nice

Protective Shield
3591 bainbridge ave #4p Plaza
Well made product

I’m satisfy with the product. I refer to my friends that have iwatches

bobby verenna
This thing is HUGE

if rugged, protected and massive are words you want to use to describe your watch band...go no farther, you have found it. the band is everything that they say it is and more. especially the size. this thing is massive! the watch case too oversized and doesn't fit around the watch crown very well. the actual band is a little stiffer and 'plastic' feeling than i would like. i'm going to give it a chance to break in and see how it goes.

Rhino Band 2
Mando De Leon
Great Product!!!

Finally an Apple Watch band that has some balls. The material is rugged and comfortable around the wrist. It also has a tough appearance and not like those other skinny high priced bands on the market.

Rhino Runner
Antonio Delgadillo
Quality design / Secure protection

I have had my Rhino Runner band for about two months now. It’s quality design allows me to make full use of the functionality of my Apple Watch and securely protects it at the same time.

Rhino Band 2
Brian K
Great band, but....

I received my Rhinoband a few weeks ago and it really is a great band. It most definitely will protect my AppleWatch from any damage; I have dameged a few already. My one complaint about this band is the loop part that keeps the excess band together; I don’t know the name of that part and it’s the only part on the band that can move and be taken off. This part just doesn’t stay in place. It always moves off of the excess band and the band just hangs. It’s annoying and the fix would be easy to add a little nob on the inside of this part to sit in one of the holes that isn’t used. it won’t move off anymore. That’s my only cause many about the band. Other than that, this band is GREAT!

A1 Product

I owned the first Rhino Band and yesterday i bought the rhino runner . Very pleased with there products. I have thick wrists so these bands fit me perfect. Ideal for big and tall folks. THUMBS UP!!

Rhino Runner
Isaac alvarez
Best band ever

Ive never wrote a review for anything. Takes time i dont have. But this rhino runner deserves a review. Just got it and already love it. I work on the railroad. Hard work. And this rhino runner protects my apple aatch perfectly. Great job rhinos!!

Perfect G-Shock replacement and even better customer service

This review is long overdue.

After killing several other cases I stumbled upon the Rhino Band that a buddy was using. Looked good and while simple in general seemed to have it all. So I bit the bullet a few months back and picked up the Runner to replace my 4th broken Catalyst. Glad I did.

Not only does it mimic my old G-Shock but I have put it through its paces and I don’t think I could even break the Apple Watch inside if I wanted to. The case itself still looks brand new and outside of a couple of very light scratches on the screen protector that are only visible at certain angles, it looks like new.

My only minor issue was when I first received the band it didn’t have a back to the protective vest in the box. With that minor disappointment though, I was able to get a several hour turnaround time from customer support and within 3 days had the back in hand delivered to my doorstep with no hassle on my part.

Great customer service and while the Rhino Band may seem simple on the outside, it’s obvious a ton of thought and just general care went into this case to ensure that the active Apple Watch user can do what they do without fear of killing their $500 investment with an affordable case. I have been wearing this daily and see no reason to ever give it up.

Highly recommended not just for the case but also for the great company. They obviously stand by their product and want to satisfy the customer. To me, they have succeeded on both accounts.

Legit but???

Got em on 6th day from order date to confirming the shippment, had one day behind but its ok i live in hawaii and its often happen here. anyways back in the review.... this is something everbody would love to pick up specialy for a expensive smart watch! i love everything on this looks, toughness and guaranteed protection BUT there is one flaw and everybody should agree on this.!!! the SCREEN protector!?!?!?.... its my first day on it and i cant just do a soft tap on it, it not responsive at all its hard to navigate with it. i might take it off tomorrow i just have to figure out not to break it LOL. please rhino people just take that thing off or do something on it to make it better, everything on this is 💯 legit just need to get rid of that screen or make it more functional. anyways overall 9/10.. Aloha


Only issue with the Stealth is that water gets between the watch and screen protector making it impossible to tab through the apps. I had to remove the screen protector in order to use while running and other type activities. Otherwise it's a great product.

Love it... no buts

Awhile back, I ordered a Rhino Band and wrote the below 4 star review. Since then the band had protected my watch multiple times and they are currently shipping out a replacement protective screen! I figured their product and customer service deserved better than my 4 star review below, so I upgraded it to 5 stars! Highly recommend.

“I have no doubt this will protect my watch and I really enjoy the product. Reminds me of my g shock. I gave it four stars instead of 5 for a few reasons, which I will detail. I ordered the band with the protective screen. It came in a small unsealed plastic bag tucked into the box. The screen already had scratching on it when I took it out of the bag. Seems it could be wrapped a little. The scratches ended up not being too prominent when the watch was placed in the band though, but you can see them. I fully expect to scratch this myself at some point, which is why I need the cover! Just a bummer to be scratched at opening. I have had some issues pulling down at the top of the watch face and scrolling up at the bottom. Touch can be funky too. Like the other reviewer said, it is difficult to access the dial. For the amount of times I actually do this and have the issues I listed, I would gladly deal with them for the safety the band provides my watch.”

Rhino Band 2
Rhino Band 2

Great investment! Provides comfort and protection without the worries of damaging your Apple Watch. Cheapest insurance you can buy! I wear my watch on the go and never worry about damages.
Highly recommend for anyone in law enforcement, military, or just people like me that want to protect their investment in style and comfort.

Eric Nabor
Wish they had red

I would recommend you guys making a red version of stealth, I would buy it!

Rhino Runner
Darath Ly
Toughest band on the market

Really thought and stylish band.
I have not seen anything on the market that can compete. With Rhino band
It awsome I’m impressed. My Apple Watch series 3 cellular protected.

Thanks Rhino band.