Best Case Scenerio

Steer clear of water, dust, cracks and dents with Rhino Band protective phone cases. If you aren’t afraid of heights, your iPhone shouldn’t be either. Our Stryker phone cases are fortified by military-grade aluminum and high-grade silicone. This combination helps absorb the impact of falls and prevents damage from extreme temperatures. Our glass screen protectors have a hardness grade of 9H and are designed for those who live on the edge but always protect what’s theirs. Take your iPhone coverage all the way, because damage was never part of its design.



Don’t spend time or cash repairing damage you can simply avoid. Our protective phone cases are up to date and will fit the latest iPhone models so they can be kept safe from the start. There’s nothing better than a smooth, scratch-free screen so check out our oil-repellent Rhino Glass screen protector for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. We truly do have something for everyone.